Sales & Payments

Currently Mestrelab has branches in Spain (HQ), UK and San Diego (both for USA and China). However, we do have a network of resellers and distributors which is continuously growing (see them here).

We can deliver software electronically to anywhere in the World, and we can invoice in USD and Euros, and in other currencies upon special request. We can also accept payment via credit card, bank transfer and USD or euro cheque. If you still think you may need a local reseller or distributor for our products, you can visit our resellers page or contact us.

To use your discount coupon you just need to enter the code on the little discount coupon form which is present at the store home and on every product page. A message will appear on the top the page confirming that it has been added and the prices will be recalculated once they are entered into the shopping cart.

You can purchase our software by any of these methods:

  • Bank Transfer: Our team will check your order and send you an invoice which contains our bank details. A 20 day-license will be provided whilst payment is arranged. Once the payment is received we will deliver you the definitive license for the product you purchased.
  • Credit Card or Paypal: You can complete your purchase in our secure payment gateway. Once we receive payment confirmation, our team will send you a receipt and license file as soon as possible.

You can also send as a purchase order and then again pay by: bank transfer, credit card and USD or EUR cheque. Although the store is just available in Euros we can invoice in USD, Euros and in other currencies upon request.


Yes, absolutely. You can just contact us to or phone us at +34 881 976 775, explain what you need and we will prepare and send you a formal quote.