Galician Talent – Come Back Home!

This is a call for Galician Talent working abroad wanting to come back home!

Finding a good job in research can be challenging and can lead you far away from your home and loved ones. But WE want YOU back!

At Mestrelab we offer competitive opportunities to work in innovative projects in a fun environment where you can grow on a professional and personal level.

Many “galegos” already returned to join us. Read their testimonials below and check our career opportunities. Your return ticket may be some clicks away!

Noa CamposSoftware Developer - Mestrelab Research

Lucia CastroManager - DIH DATAlife

Jose Manuel AbuinSoftware Developer - Mestrelab Research

Ivan SuarezSystem Admin - Mestrelab Research

Vanessa CastroRegulatory & Public Funding Manager - Mestrelab Research