“We are fully satisfied with Mbook as we are using it from several months. We indeed recommend it: Mbook is a real open environment and Mestrelab itself is keen to help customer to develop solution that really suites their needs. So we are really looking forward to new developments.“

Michele Lombardo

Assistant at Industrialisation Process – Scientific Division


Company: Helsinn provides licensing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional supplement products, with focus on cancer supportive care to benefit both patients with cancer and caregivers.
Problem: The main objective was to transfer our routine which was based on a heavy tedious paper-based system, to a paperless solution, with all the advantages that a digital system could have.


Why Mbook

“We choose Mbook because of several reasons. First of all we had a very positive feedback being able to immediately have access and “play” with a free trial version of Mbook, which was something not so common from other vendors and it is indeed a plus.”

“Our interactions with the standard Mbook version was really good, since it is very user friendly and well suited for an R&D lab. Besides that, the customization we have requested were in general very well welcomed and the overall quality of the product versus the price (product price plus customization) was really appealing.”

“Finally we have a very positive interaction with Mestrelab’s representative and development team.”

About regarding customization

“We were very impressed by the availability of Mestrelab’s representative taking into account all our requests. The key point here was the capability to translate our paper-based workflow into suitable tools in Mbook. Furthermore we positively appreciated the possibility to get developers involved at the very beginning of this process.”

Using Mbook

“We had a first meeting in May 2015 when we then had access to the free trial. By mid June we agreed a number of licenses and customization, and we were able to follow it step by step having access to beta version of our customization. Starting from October we installed Mbook locally on our server and we started a three months evaluation period with a small group of users. Since January 2016 we have extended access to Mbook to all 15 users.”

Overall impression

“We have quickly appreciated the customization we have requested. Implementation had an immediate positive impact on our workflow keeping the original user friendly interface of Mbook.”


“Our workflow now is indeed more rapid and effective, we have now a full and complete control of our compound database. Since Mbook is web based it is really easy to access to it from everywhere, either when we are working in the lab or being busy in a meeting. Talking in terms of productivity we decided to go further and equipped each fumehood with a tablet, hence Mbook is now used on a real time base.”

“We have so far estimated a strong reduction in time spent to get a new synthetic step started, a reduction in the amount of paper used and time spent to prepared laboratory reports, print them and classify them for further use.”