In-Situ Methane Number Determination

Obtain the Methane Number for your Liquified Gas in Real Time

  • Mestrelab Research SL is a software company based in Spain specialising in the processing and analysis of analytical data to deliver Real Time, Point of Need information


  • In a consortium with Naturgy, Reganosa and Universidad de A Coruna, as part of the LNG III, EMPIR initiative, we have developed an at line solution for the determination of Service Methane Number, critical to Liquified Gas Engine performance optimisation


  • Our solution can deliver Real Time Service Methane Number information in full automation, allowing validation and certification at the fuelling point


FTIR method is the first “cost-effective” measurement with empirical validation for MN determination in industrial applications

Why is the methane number so important?

  • Gas engines business is in expansion and all fuels need to be reliable


  • LNG and Natural Gas are not standard mixtures


  • Methane number is directly correlated with the performance and even with the warranty of the engine


  • Accurate and reliable measurement is crucial