Camil Joubran

Dr. Camil Joubran

Business Development (US)

Camil obtained a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry focused on the development of organometallic peptide sequencing reagents incorporating Ruthenium and Iridium transition metals.  During his graduate program, Camil received extensive hands-on NMR training as part of a teaching assistantship in the NMR facility of Arizona State University where he worked with both Bruker and Varian systems.  Camil has 22+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry focused on the application of various analytical techniques (NMR, MS, HPLC, UPLC, IR, etc..).  As an industrial NMR spectroscopist, Camil developed his expertise in the structure elucidation of small molecules, application of selective 1D excitation techniques, and 3D conformations of small molecules in solution.  Camil led several analytical groups during his tenure at AstraZeneca and Alkermes driving towards the utilization of analytical technologies to provide rapid progression of projects through Discovery and Development, in the areas of Infection, Oncology, and CNS.  Camil joined Mestrelab Research in early 2020 with a focus on developing the business in the Northeast region of the US.