Esther Vaz

Dr. Esther Vaz

Quality Manager

Dr. Esther Vaz is responsible for the ongoing testing and quality control of the software products since September 2009. After finishing her B.Sc. in Organic Chemistry in 1999 at the University of Vigo (Spain), she joined the group of L. Muñoz and obtained her PhD in 2004. Beginning of 2005 she moved as a postdoctoral researcher to the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund (Germany), to work on the field of protein-protein interactions in the group of Luc Brunsveld. End of 2007 she returned to the University of Vigo and joined the group of A. R. de Lera, where she continued her research for two years on the design and synthesis of epigenetic modulators, until she decided to be part of the Mestrelab team.