Stan Sykora

Dr. Stan Sýkora

Scientific Advisor

Stan Sykora started his academic carrier with an engineering degree in nuclear and technical physics from (from CVUT, the Prague Technical University), followed by a PhD degree in spectroscopy, specifically NMR, IR, and Rama (from CSAV, the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences). He measured his first NMR spectrum in February 1964, on a Jeol 60 MHz spectrometer – and remained faithful to NMR ever since. Later research collaborations included 2 years at Politecnico in Milano (Prof. Natta group) and the Italian CNR (National Research Council), 4 years with Prof.H. S. Gutowski at the University of Illinois and 1 year with Prof. P. Diehl at the Physics Institute in Basel. More about his credentials is on ResearcherID A-4582-2014. From 1974 to 1981 he worked as the CEO of Bruker Spectrospin Italiana. In 1980 Stan started Stelar, an Italian NMR Company which in mid 1990’s developed the unique commercial Fast-Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometers. While Stelar is now independent, in 2000 Stan went on to start Extra Byte, a small software house focusing on scientific and technical software. Since late 2005, Extra Byte collaborates closely with Mestrelab Research, focusing on NMR number crunching and development of novel algorithms. Stan also runs a very visited website, Stan’s Hub, dedicated to Science in general, and NMR in particular.

Personal blog: (Stan’s Hub)