Jan Bartoň

Dr. Jan Bartoň

Strategic Account Director (EMEA)

He was born in 1990 in the Czech Republic. He received his M.Sc in Inorganic Chemistry at Charles University at 2015 and he finished his PhD studies in chemical modifications of diamond surfaces for quantum-based ultrasensitive detection of radicals in September 2020.

During his work at Charles University and Czech Academy of Sciences, he became a skilled user of NMR Mnova. Later, he discovered MS plugin for LC-MS data processing and Mbook (ELN). His curiosity led to dozens reported improvements and bugs to Mestrelab. In the last 5 years, he became proficient in those products and organised training and lectures for colleagues at his home institute (IOCB Prague). Finally, he joined Mestrelab in August 2020. Outside work, he is passionate about road bikes, reading books and popularisation of chemistry for high-schools in Czech and Slovak republic called KSICHT/FACE.