Karen Vilela

Dr. Karen Vilela

CIM Researcher

Karen, born in 1991, graduated in Chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela, achieving an honorable mention in her final degree project. After completing a master’s degree in organic chemistry, she obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the same university, specializing in organic synthesis and NMR spectroscopy under the supervision of Prof. Javier Sardina. After completing her Ph.D. degree, Karen worked as a technical project manager in Prof. Sardina´s research group, where she developed R&D projects aimed at the application of high-field and benchtop NMR to consumer products in the food, cosmetic, and fashion industries. Karen joined Mestrelab in 2024 and she is now part of the team at our new Mestrelab Research Center (CIM)

In her leisure time, she enjoys classical cinema and cooking desserts. Furthermore, she loves fashion and ballet.