Leticia Pérez

Dr. Leticia Perez

CIM Researcher

Leticia was born in Meaño (Spain) and moved to Santiago de Compostela to obtain her Bachelor´s Degree in Chemistry (2015). In 2017, she completed a Master of Innovation in Food Safety and Technology and joined the Chom-Chem group (IAQBUS) to start her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Isaac Rodríguez, with a FPU contract from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

She obtained her PhD, related to the determination of pesticides in environmental samples using HPLC/SFC/GC-(HR)MS, in 2022. One year later, she completed a Master in Secondary and Bachelor Education Teaching, with the science specialisation. Leticia is now part of the team at our new Mestrelab Research Center (CIM).