Matthias Weisser

Dr. Matthias Weisser

Strategic Account Director (EMEA)

Matthias studied chemistry at the University of Bayreuth where he successfully completed his PhD in organic analytical chemistry. Focus here was LC, GC, MS and NMR. During this time he started to create and use algorithms for the interpretation of MS data. After his PhD he accepted a post doc position at the University of Halle. Here he investigated Adenosine derivatives from animal tissue with the help of HPLC. In 2000 Matthias left the academic environment and accepted a job offering from ScienceServe, at this time the exclusive distributer of ACD/Labs software for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2007 he moved to Waters and worked for the Informatics department. Matthias’ main focus here was Empower software in highly regulated environments. In June 2023 he joined Mestrelab Research.