Niccy Tonge

Dr. Niccy Tonge

Strategic Account Director (EMEA)

Niccy initially became interested in all types of spectroscopy when she studied for her degree in Chemistry, at King’s College, London.  After graduating, she moved to the University of York where she successfully completed a PhD.  During this time, she used various different spectroscopies in combination with computational chemistry to investigate intermolecular binding between small molecules and ion-molecule chemistry initiated within weakly bound clusters.  In 2007 Niccy moved to the University of Leicester for a Postdoctoral Research position – again using spectroscopy, this time investigating solvated of metal atoms to understand the solvation process, and, in particular the formation and reactivity of solvated electrons.  In 2011 it was time to leave academia, and since then Niccy has had a variety of different positions with a large instrument manufacturer.  She has worked as a Field Service Engineer, Field Application and Sales Scientist and in Business Development.  Niccy is excited to now become a part of the Mestrelab team and is looking forward to sharing her passion for science and spectroscopy with everyone at Mestrelab and most importantly, our customers!