Rafael Cela

Prof. Rafael Cela

CIM Senior Researcher

Rafael has developed all his scientific trajectory in the University as a professor of analytical chemistry, studying and starting as assistant in the University of Madrid, then as an associate professor in the university of Cadiz and finally as a full professor in the university of Santiago de Compostela. Retired since August 2022.
In the 70's was among the pioneers of chemometrics in Spain and most of his research has been focused on chemometrics  and chromatography, particularly experimental design and optimization of chromatography separations. He has published more than 300 papers in referenced journals having currently an h-index of 62. He has also written two textbooks and several chapters in the Wiley's Analytical Chemistry Encyclopedia and Elsevier's Comprehensive Chemometrics. Founded and coordinated up to his retirement the ChromChem research group leading and developing more than 25 pluri-annual research projects thanks to government and private enterprise's funding. Rafael is now part of the team at our new Mestrelab Research Center (CIM).