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Episode 2

Automation Stories

Tune into our latest MestreCast episode, “Automation Stories” featuring Dr. Gary Sharman’s journey from analytical chemistry to automation mastery. Dive into the essence of streamlining lab tasks for efficiency and innovation, and explore practical tips against the backdrop of AI’s role in the future of research. Join us for a blend of personal achievements and professional insights, showcasing the power of automation in scientific discovery. Stay updated with us for more episodes at the forefront of chemistry software, automation, and groundbreaking insights!

Episode 1

The Rise of the Robots

Join us in our first episode of our MestreCast as we explore the rise of automation and robotics in chemistry, where innovation meets automation to accelerate progress. Follow us for upcoming episodes promising to reveal exciting developments at the intersection of analytical chemistry software, automation, and more, and don’t miss out on the latest insights and trends!