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Episode 6

Why SciY

Join our 5th MestreCast episode, “Why SciY” Hosted by Santi Dominguez, CEO at Mestrelab Research, and featuring guest Dr. Guy Desmarquets, Senior Director of Sales and Business Develpment at SciY, Explore how SciY’s unique approach, centered on “Every piece of analytical research and manufacturing data matters,” sets it apart in the market. Uncover how SciY leverages synergies among its member companies to drive collaboration, innovation, and customer-centric solutions in the realm of scientific research and manufacturing.

The conversation highlights SciY’s commitment to placing analytical data at the forefront of its strategy, driving innovation in data management and integration. It also explores how SciY maintains a startup approach to ensure agility, responsiveness, and customer-centricity while evolving within a larger corporate framework.

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Are you curious about how SciY can revolutionize your data management and research processes? Visit their website to learn more about our innovative solutions.

If you’re interested in exploring how SciY can support your laboratory digitalization journey, reach out to us. We’re excited to discuss your needs and collaborate on creating tailored solutions.

Why SciY


00:00:00  Intro

00:01:06 – How does SciY plan to differentiate itself from other similar organizations?

00:03:45 – To be concrete, placing analytical data at the center of your strategy, what does it imply?

00:05:25 – Does it mean SciY offers a different approach in data management, archiving, security…?

00:08:30 – What criteria did SciY use to select the companies to join its group

00:10:45 – Could you elaborate on the synergies that SciY aims to create among its member companies?

00:14:05 – I heard that SciY has developed its strategy maintaining a startup approach, what did you mean by this?

00:17:20 – Can you discuss any specific projects or initiatives that exemplify the collaborative spirit and objectives of SciY?

00:21:15 – Looking to the future, what are SciY’s long-term aspirations and how does it plan to continue evolving and expanding its impact in the industry and beyond?

Guest Speaker

  • Dr. Guy Desmarquets Dr. Guy DesmarquetsSenior Director of Sales and Business DevelpmentSciY


  • Santi DominguezCEOMestrelab Research