Program Rules

Mnova for ALL:

Are you a sponsor or a candidate?


These are the main program rules you should follow to participate in this initiative!

Program Rules

  • Mestrelab Research SL will match the Mnova Suite Combo (Mnova NMR, NMR Predict, MS and ElViS)from the sponsor by supplying the same license package to the sponsorship candidate.

    For example, if a sponsor purchases a campus license for up to 150 users, the sponsorship candidate will also receive a campus license for up to 150 users on the same date.

    In addition, the sponsored institution will receive a free 3-year Update & Support package which will be reviewed by Mestrelab Research SL at the end of this period with a view to potentially offering a further 3-year extension. If the license purchased by the sponsor is an annual license, the sponsored institution will receive the equivalent annual license.

  • Sponsors can be industrial or commercial companies, educational and research institutions, or government institutions. The only requisite is the purchase of an Mnova Suite Combo license.

  • Applications should be made jointly by email by the sponsor and the sponsorship candidate at the time of purchase of the software by the sponsor. Mestrelab Research SL will make any final decision regarding the sponsorship and communicate this to both parties. Donated licenses will be supplied within 72 hours of the sponsor’s purchase being processed.

  • Mestrelab Research SL reserves the right to make public (on its website and in the media) the details of any sponsored license, as well as the names of the sponsored institutions for the purposes of promoting the sponsorship program and its results and accomplishments.

  • Licenses are solely for the benefit of the nominated educational institution and cannot be transferred to any other organization, nor can they be taken or used by individual users once their relationship with the sponsored institution expires.

  • Mestrelab Research SL’s decisions regarding sponsorship are final and will be made on the basis of the rules published above.

  • This program applies to Mnova Suite Combo only. This includes Mnova NMR,  Mnova NMR Predict Desktop, Mnova MS and Mnova ElViS (Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopies).

  • The requisites to become a sponsored institution are:

    • To be an educational institution or a non-profit research institution.
    • To be located in one of the countries nominated by Mestrelab(These countries have been chosen on the basis of their nominal GDP per capita, according to the IMF list.)
    • To make the application jointly with a sponsor.
    • To supply all details requested by Mestrelab(Contact details and data about all users of the program for single and multiple user license packages).