Meet our new team member Marcel Lachenmann

Marcel Lachenmann

Senior Applications Scientist

Hi everyone!

I joined Mestrelab in April 2022. I am a chemist and spectroscopist who first experienced NMR 30 years ago on a 60 MHz CW instrument. I soon started using high field NMR and other methods to study peptide structure and stability. In 2013, I joined the rapidly growing benchtop NMR community working in applications for Oxford Instruments, providing both time domain and frequency domain NMR solutions for QA/QC, R&D, and education, all while making good use of the myriad capabilities of Mnova! At Mestrelab, my goal is to provide solutions to make our users’ analyses fast, efficient, and user-friendly.

I am based near Boston, Massachusetts and will primarily be involved in projects in North America. I look forward to helping you find ways to make your life both easier and more productive!