“NMRForensics: forensic analysis using desktop NMR instruments, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing”. The project was granted by the “Entidad pública Empresarial RED.ES, M.P.”, under the call “Convocatoria de Ayudas 2020 sobre Desarrollo Tecnológico basado en Inteligencia Artificial y otras Tecnologías Habilitadoras Digitales, en el marco de la acción estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital del Programa Estatal de I+D+i orientada a Retos de la Sociedad y del Programa estatal de liderazgo empresarial en I+D+i (C007/20-ED)”.

The project is supported by Red.es and co-financed with FEDER funds within the framework of the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE) 2014-2020. (El proyecto impulsado por Red.es está cofinanciado con fondos FEDER en el marco del Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España (POPE) 2014-2020).




The objective of the project is to develop a platform that will consist of an expert system, closely linked to a desktop NMR, which will make it possible to acquire spectral information on samples of forensic interest, the characterization and quantification of the substances of interest present in said samples through data processing techniques with minimal user intervention by applying machine learning methods and digital signal processing techniques, as well as their storage in the cloud.

This system will allow the application of NMR in the forensic market and will improve the efficiency of forensic efforts, limiting the need to use highly specialized personnel.


Throughout the project, and following the planned work plan, a software platform has been developed that allows the analysis (both detection and quantification) of samples of forensic interest through NMR data, both high and low field. In addition, this platform allows direct communication with the spectrometers through a cloud platform as well as data storage in the cloud.

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