Mnova Combos allow you to enjoy several Mnova plugins at the same time while you get important savings!

If you are a current Mnova customer, we will redeem the value you have already spent when upgrading to higher combo.

Mnova Suite

This is the ideal entry package for users who want to process and visualize their data in a single software tool, whether this is NMR or MSChrom. With this package you will be able to open, view, process, analyze, report and predict NMR and MSChrom data, from multiple vendors.

NMR + MSChrom + ElViS + NMRPredict

Academic Licenses

From 410 €

Industrial Licenses

From 1.640 €

Mnova Suite Chemist

This combo is designed for synthetic chemists. It has all the processing and visualization power of Mnova Suite as well as the tools to automatically confirm your structure, and obtain the purity or concentration for your compounds of interest.

NMR + MSChrom + ElViS + NMRPredict + Verify + qNMR + IUPAC Name

Academic Licenses

From 580 €

Industrial Licenses

From 2.320 €

Mnova Suite Expert

The most complete package developed by Mestrelab in the Mnova environment, designed for experts analytical chemists. You can do everything, plus take advantage of databasing, assisted de novo structure elucidation, follow reactions, extract kinetics and much more!

NMR + MSChrom + ElViS + NMRPredict + Verify + qNMR + DB MyData + RM + SMA + IUPAC Name + Structure Elucidation

Academic Licenses

From 1.450 €

Industrial Licenses

From 5.790 €


Save money purchasing several plugins

Our Combo packages allow us to be a little bit more aggresive with our pricings and you can benefit from that.
Also, if you are upgrading from any other combo we can discount you the price you have already paid!

Integrate all plugins on the same interface

By using our multipage ppt-like interface your users will save time when learning and using the software.

Get new plugins for free

Whenever we decide to include a new plugin into your package you will get it when you update your version.

Prefer to get individual plugins instead?

We want Mnova to be as flexible as possible. Perhaps you can progress to combos later when you are more familiar with our range, with the confidence that your investment will be counted against eventual overall cost.