Mbook Analytical

A new Electronic Laboratory Notebook for Analytical Laboratories!

A cloud-based solution for administration of analytical laboratories and management of clients’ analytical requests. Upgrade your lab management capabilities and give your customers a flawless end-to-end experience with real-time feedback on their requests!

A simple way to submit analytical requests, follow up, and retrieve results!

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Mbook Analytical



Streamlined user interface

Well defined user roles

Simple workflows

One-click customized reports (pdf)

Seamless collaboration

Experiment supervision

Powerful searching and filtering tools

In-app messaging system

Synthetic and analytical chemistry in a single interface


Cloud hosted solution

No local installation required

Automatic updates and maintenance

In-house installation (optional)

Mbook Analytical


Mbook Analytical connects clients who request analytical services to a team of analysts who can provide them.

Client users are therefore called Analysis Requesters and are organized by groups as part of a client organization in Mbook Analytical.

Team users can be Analysis Manager or Analysts and have inherent and configurable permissions that can be set in the application. These include:

  • permissions to manage a team, clients, projects, etc.
  • the ability to set up laboratory instruments, services, and inventories
  • approve changes in compound structures and properties
  • handle compound safety-related information
  • submit analytical requests, etc.

With Mbook Analytical you can easily set up your laboratory and define your service offers.

Laboratory setup is typically performed by an Analysis Manager or Analyst with the appropriate permissions. Instruments and instrument components such as injectors, probes, autosamplers, etc., can be added and configured for each specific analytical technique.

A service offer is then defined by selecting the techniques and service types you propose to your clients:

  • From a list that is present by default in the application (NMR, MS, EPR, EA, LC, etc.).
  • By adding new techniques and service types, which gives you a total flexibility to customize your analytical service offer.

Mbook´s organized and hierarchical structure allows for an easy and flawless handling of customer’s analysis requests:

  • Clients’ requests are grouped into projects and handled entirely from the Desk section
  • Projects can only be accessed by authorized users
  • Analysis requests are labeled with a unique code and a status tag
  • Analysis requests are first reviewed by a manager then assigned to an authorized analyst
  • Results and related documents can be attached to the request
  • Analysis results are reviewed and approved by a manager
  • Automatic messages are sent to inform users of the status of the request
  • Customers can view their results directly from within the ELN

A compound database with 300+ common reactants and solvents is pre-loaded in your inventory with various general properties, and Health & Safety data sheets.

  • Search your compounds
  • Create bottles and add them to your stockroom
  • Consume your reagents and keep track of your stock!

Mbook is a fully scalable application, with a subscription-based license model that allows you to add users and grow with the tool without the need to upgrade hardware or IT resources.

Hosted on a cloud server provided by Mestrelab and AWS, so your organization does not have to provide the infrastructure. This means:

  • You do not need IT capabilities to install, maintain, or update the software.
  • You just need a subscription and a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox).
  • Data will ONLY be available to permitted users, and it will remain secure and confidential.
  • No application installation, maintenance, or updates required.

Alternatively, Mbook can be installed on your own server and still be accessible to your users via their browsers. Contact us if you are interested in this type of installation.

Would you like to upgrade to Mbook Enterprise now?

Mbook Enterprise combines chemistry and analytical features to get the best out of our ELN solution

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    Take collaborations with synthetic chemists to the next level by interacting through the same ELN interface to give a flawless end-to-end experience
  • null
    Define your service offer and give organic chemists a structured framework to submit their samples and request analytical services both easily and with minimal risk of missing information
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    Attach the analysis results to the request so that chemists can access them easily from their experiment panel
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    Analytical data integration using the power of Mnova


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get with my subscription?

  • Cloud storage
  • Email support
  • Automatic backups
  • Multiuser collaboration
  • In-App messaging
  • Web and tablet interface

Do I need a powerful server or IT department to use Mbook?

All you need to run Mbook is a subscription and access to a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox). No need to install, maintain and update the software.

How much does it cost?

Two types of licenses are available with Mbook 3.0: The User count license, and the Day credit license.


The prices for User count – Industrial Licenses with Cloud storage are:

  • MBook Chemistry: €600/user/year
  • MBook Pro: €900/user/year
  • MBook Analytical: €900/user/year
  • MBook Enterprise: €1500/user/year

The prices for Day Credit – Industrial Licenses with Cloud storage are:

  • MBook Chemistry: €3.33/day
  • MBook Pro: €5/day
  • MBook Analytical: €5/day
  • MBook Enterprise: €8.33/day

Special discounts are available for Academic and Governmental Licenses.

The in-house installation carries an additional cost of €2,000 for the first year + 800 euros/years for support and updates in following years.


You can purchase your subscription via our store page.

Do I need to install the application on my computer?

No, you don’t. Mbook is entirely web-based and you do not need to download any program.

How safe will my data be in the cloud-based solution?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure is one of the most secure cloud computing environments currently available. It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely.

We have an Mbook Enterprise license. Why am I not able to submit samples for analysis?

Mbook Enterprise synthetic users must be added by Analysts as Clients and given the required permissions to be able to submit analytical requests.

Do I have to use the Cloud data storage or is there an alternative?

Mbook can be installed on your own servers (Mbook In-house). It will still be accessible to your users via their browser. An in-house installation has an additional cost of €2,000 for the first year + 800 euros/years for support and updates in following years.. Contact us if you are interested in this installation.

Is there any help or manual to get me started?

We have various resources to get you started with Mbook.

– Starting guide
Mbook Manual
– Tutorials and videos

You can also contact our support team by email at support@mestrelab.com, or by phone at +34 881 976 775 (our office hours are 9.30 to 13.30 and 16.30 to 20.30 CET, Monday to Friday)

Once I purchase a subscription, will I be able to keep the data I record during the trial period?

Yes, all your data, uploaded files, and users and groups created for your team will be kept for 45 days after you complete your trial, and would be there and available should you purchase a full license.

How can I upload my analytical raw data (Mnova files)? Does Mbook interact with my raw data?

Yes. One of Mbook’s unique features is its capability to interact and process [raw] analytical data. Once you upload your NMR, LC/GC/MS, IR, etc., raw data, the spectra will be automatically processed and analyzed using the Mnova automation engine. You can read more about this in this tutorial. 

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Mbook Users


Mbook is suitable for groups at Universities, CRO’s, companies who outsource their chemistry, as well as startups, small chemical companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

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