Mbook Photo

A mobile application that allows you to upload photos from a mobile device (phone or tablet) directly into your Mbook ELN

Designed to complement the features of Mbook Chemistry and Pro, Mbook Photo is a perfect replacement for the traditional scanning and sharing of images via email, dropbox, pendrive or similar.

Snap it and save it along with your experiment in Mbook!

Who can use Mbook Photo?

Any user of Mbook Chemistry, Pro  or Enterprise with a Group Manager, Project Manager or Bench Chemist role.

On which devices does it work?

– Android 5.1 to 12.0 devices
– iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15 devices

From the smallest phones to the largest Tablet/iPad

Download Mbook Photo app for FREE!

For iOS devices:

For Android devices:

Watch this Mbook Photo overview

Mbook Photo


Photos taken with your mobile device or selected from your mobile gallery are instantly uploaded to the Mbook experiment of your choice. Uploaded photos are visible in the “Monitoring” section of your experiment in the UI.

It is also possible to move a photo or a set of photos from one experiment to another.

The list of projects, reactions, and experiments a user has in Mbook Chemistry/Pro/Enterprise is displayed in Mbook Photo and ordered like Mbook’s Desk project tree.

With Mbook Photo you can preview your experiment scheme to be sure you are saving your photo to the right location.


Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have downloaded the application to your device, you can open it to sign in. Type your Mbook chemistry/Pro/Enterprise username and password, then enter the “Mbook URL” you have in the dedicated field. The URL needs to be provided only once during the first login. Then, you can modify it if needed from the Settings section.

Mbook Photo is a FREE application that you can download from the App Store/Mbook Photo for iOS devices and directly from this page for Android devices (see a quick video on how to install it here)

You can download Mbook Photo for:

In Mbook photo you have a view of your projects, reactions, and experiments. Once you have opened an experiment, you can either tap on the gallery icon to pick a photo from your mobile gallery or tap on the camera icon to take a new photo

Mbook Photo does not work with Mbook analytical YET. We are continuously working on improving this tool to make it work with all our Mbook products.

Mbook Users


Mbook is suitable for groups at Universities, CRO’s, companies who outsource their chemistry, as well as startups, small chemical companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

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