Mchrom Scout

A chromatographic tool for computer-assisted method development in Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography (RPLC)

Save time developing your retention models to separate your sample components

Integrates several working strategies to solve chromatographers’ daily problems, focusing on method development.



Mchrom Scout


  • Several optimization strategies for both routine and difficult chromatographic environments
  • Provides realistic model results with the inclusion of a few additional validation injections
  • Pareto optimization tools provide solutions to multi-objective chromatographic problems
  • Intelligent automated process to generate information with manual interaction capabilities
  • Chromatogram processing capability (not limited to reading CDS processed data)
  • Strategies tailored to leverage the selectivity offered by MS detectors
  • Reliable robustness assessment carried out by desirability functions
  • Integrated inventory manager for your instruments, columns and mobile phases
  • Scaling up strategies for the separation of target components

Academic, Government & Industrial


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical and food industries

  • Academia research and development groups

  • Quality and product safety control

  • New product development

  • Consumer protection

Mchrom Scout


Mchrom Scout will create completely independent projects for any of the strategies and working tools used. It has been designed by the chromatographer for a very wide range of chromatographers.

Despite utilizing powerful chemometric algorithms and optimization engines in the background, obtaining results does not require advanced knowledge of statistics.

The aim of this tool is to offer realistic and validated methods for chromatographers.

The goal is to tailor solutions to your specific separation problem, avoiding unexpected or unrealistic results.

Define your separation problem and choose the most suitable approach. Mixture separation, whether known or unknown, can be achieved using Pareto optimality or classical methods (e.g., resolution maps). These approaches are interchangeable and can be used simultaneously for added result confidence.

For a single mixture component focus, Mchrom Scout develops strategies tailored to your requirements

Mchrom Scout


This is a highly efficient tool since it integrates several working strategies to resolve common problems of the chromatographers. These problems are typically encountered when performing chromatography method development.

The chromatographer can use the approach which seems most appropriate such as resolution maps, chromatographic response functions or Pareto optimality. These approaches are interchangeable and they can be used to increase your results confidence.


Compare results obtained from different approaches in a few seconds. All results are simultaneously available in one click!

Experimental designs proposed by Mchrom Scout include at least two extra runs. They will be used to test the regression model accuracy and reliability. These extra validation runs are independent of model calculations.

Without these extra validation runs, the reliability of your simulation cannot be verified. Otherwise you may get overoptimistic results! Therefore improved reliability should be obtained at the price of some extra runs. If your analysis do not require these extra runs, you can omit them.

Validating your optimization results just with a couple of extra injections! Obtain realistic conclusions!

Mchrom Scout facilitates method development for mixture separation, offering optimization even when peaks can’t be tracked. It can be focused on individual components or the ensemble in the sample. In either case, the application follows a common workflow.

It also guides the user to the actions and specifics of each type of project. Mchrom Scout is the only application providing specific options for known and unknown peaks within the single interface.

This single interface simplifies the learning curve. Any chromatographer can quickly achieve competency.

One single interface for all optimization approaches allows a very fast learning curve.

Pareto multi-objective working mode in Mchrom Scout explores the Pareto optimal front of non-dominated solutions, contrasting with the classical strategies developed in the last quarter of the past century, which sought a possibly non-existing ‘global optimum’. In Pareto optimality, no weighting coefficients or penalty functions are employed. Goals and experimental constraints are defined using intuitive laboratory language by the chromatographer.

New to Pareto optimality? Let Mchrom Scout guide you into the realm of chromatographic Pareto optimality and discover its advantages.