Mnova Gears – Affinity Screen

Mnova Gears - Affinity Screen

Automated solution for affinity selection mass spectrometry data processing, interpretation, and hit identification

Automated software tool for processing data from affinity selection mass spectrometry assays, where large libraries of compounds are tested against a target protein or other macromolecules (DNAs/RNAs) using a multiplexed approach.

The Affinity Screen software sorts input data files, processes the data, and compares the results from “free” and “bound” states to determine whether a molecule binds to a target or not. It generates human-readable reports where hits can be quickly identified and reviewed by experts to confirm positive result.

Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization

Affinity Screen


  • Analyze affinity selection MS data from any LCMS instrument, regardless of the format
  • Customize and streamline the analysis process from data pick up to results reporting and archiving
  • Empower less experienced users to independently perform affinity selection MS assays and obtain results
  • Minimize errors and enhance efficiency by reducing manual input
  • Accelerate lead discovery by screening up to 1M compounds with a single click
  • Maintain control over data quality by setting controls and flags for result assessment
  • Save time on routine and irrelevant data analysis, enabling a focus on innovation and decision-making

Affinity Screen


  • Customizable configuration for picking up and sorting hundreds of datasets containing data for target-free, +target, and -target samples for each compound mixture with a single click
  • Flexibility to define criteria for peak detection and hit scoring
  • Ability to review and interact with results, revise, and recalculate as needed
  • Traffic light system indicating the presence or absence of hits in a well
  • Detailed results for each hit displayed on a separate page with stacked EICs (Extracted Ion Chromatograms)
  • Generation of multiple and customizable outputs, automatically archived (reports can be generated in the user’s desired format, filtering data by target, compound, hit score, etc.)
  • Results warnings and commenting
  • Flexible setup and robust integration capability with other laboratory systems

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Affinity Screen?

  • Drug discovery laboratories
  • Natural product research
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Fine chemical synthesis industries
  • Polymer industries
  • Research laboratories
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and other research service providers

  • Compound library screening for hit identification and lead discovery
  • Screening natural compounds, polymer-based biomaterials, food additives, etc., to identify their binding to a target protein