Mnova Gears – Chrom Reaction Optimization

Automated Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization


With this new  Automated Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization from Mnova Gears, determining the ideal reaction conditions becomes an easy, hassle-free, and quick task. Chrom Reaction Optimization allows you to track a defined set of chemicals across multiple parallel reactions to compare their levels and conclude on the best experimental conditions to employ.

Set up your workflow from data pick-up to results drop-off, and scale it up as needed. Results are matched to the designed experimental points and are delivered in many formats including graphical visuals to enable quick and informed decision making.

Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization

Chrom Reaction Optimization


  • Seamless handling of large chromatography datasets removing bottleneck related to high throughput experimentation approaches
  • Robust and repetitive data management workflows that will replace the tedious manual processing required for each sample
  • Huge time saving by enabling review-by-exception strategy
  • Control over results quality and easy detection and correction of errors that may occur during processing and analysis
  • Quick and confident decision making based on global and graphical reports with the analysis results
  • Structured analytical data reporting and archiving to comply with standards

Chrom Reaction Optimization


Reaction optimization input, data processing, analysis, reporting and results archiving is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Reaction optimization runs with the Mnova Gears platform and therefore benefits from the huge flexibility in input configuration which allows you to adapt analysis to your own data organization and formats. Input can come from disk directories or from the instrument in real time acquisition, and can be organized in many different ways. Mgears can be set to recognize and pick up the data for the analysis.

On the other hand, analysis options can be customized:

  • Components to track/ignore
  • Compound matching options using structure or retention times
  • Analysis thresholds and controls, etc

All analysis options can be saved, shared, and re-used in the future which allows huge time savings and robustness in the process.

Analysis criteria can be defined by experts and colored flags configured to get warnings when sample analysis does not fulfill the specified requirements. For instance, a sample can be flagged when no peaks are detected, when component peaks overlap, and/or when RT variation exceeds an acceptable threshold.

Detecting these non-conformances is crucial to keep control over results quality. You can review the flagged sample in the Result Viewer to investigate the problem, easily correct peak assignments if needed, and re-analyze samples to update the results.

Chrom Reaction Optimization simplifies decision making by generating global and graphical reports with the analysis results. Reports are generated in multiple formats, including a dynamic html format that allows data sorting (increasing or decreasing order) and export to new reports.

Quantities of reaction starting materials, products, and other declared compounds are graphically represented in charts making it easier to decide on the best reaction conditions at a glance!

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Chrom Reaction Optimization?


This Automated Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization is suitable for all Organic, medicinal, and process chemists, in the following market fields:

  • (bio)Pharmaceutical / Drug development and manufacturing
  • Food & Bev industries / Synthesis of additives, flavors, etc.
  • Personal care and Cosmetics industry / Synthesis of preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, etc.
  • Agrochemical industry/ Synthesis of herbicides, insecticides, etc.
  • Polymers industry / Synthesis of new polymers
  • Other fine chemicals industries