Mnova Gears – MS Scan

Automated Extraction of Ion Chromatograms from Mass Chromatograms

The Mnova Gears MS Scan plugin processes total ion current (TIC) data and extracts Mass Spectra in the time ranges of your choice, then for each of them reads the peaks and extracts the Chromatograms of the masses that pass the specified threshold.

You can input your TIC documents in batches, set your analysis and output preferences, then run MS Scan. Your results will be ready in few minutes!

Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization

Gears MS Scan


  • MS Scan allows you to extract up to three Mass Spectra by setting three Retention Time ranges


  • The Minimum Relative Abundance % can be chosen for the Mass spectrum extraction


  • Tolerance and Minimum Area Threshold can also be configured for the peaks of the mass chromatogram
  • A CSV and an HTML report are generated when running MSScan


  • Customize your reports by choosing the variables to display (RT, m/z, areas and heights of the selected peaks, etc.)
  • MS Scan results can be viewed and edited with Mgears Result viewer


  • When the experiment is open, the Mgears Viewer allows you to select which dataset to view


  • Each extracted MS spectra and the corresponding chromatograms are displayed on the same Mnova page


  • It is possible to select the RT range and m/z you want to inspect. The detailed results are then displayed in the table below the combo box, and the corresponding extracted ion chromatogram (EIC) plot is set as active in the document


  • You can review and edit your results using the standard tools from Mnova

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Mnova Gears MS Scan?

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical industries, research, and QC environments
  • Process chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical compound libraries
  • Suitable for individual users, research groups as well as large institutions and companies
  • Metabolomics research