Mnova Gears – Peak Report

Automated Peak Report for NMR Data

Peak Report is an Mnova Gears plugin that reads input data and automatically generates peak reports for each NMR spectrum in the format that you choose!

Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization

Gears Peak Report


11 journals/patents formats are currently available:

    • Angew. Chem
    • J. Am. Chem. Soc.
    • J. Med. Chem.
    • J. Nat. Prod.
    • Japanese patent
    • Organometallics
    • Polyhedron
    • Polyhedron
    • RSC
    • Tetrahedron
    • Tetrahedrons letters
    • US patent

Peaks report can be viewed with Mgears viewer and edited as usually with Mnova tools:


  • By clicking on any peak label, you can display the “Peaks Table” with peaks details (intensity, width, area, etc)


  • By right clicking on any peak, you can change the peak type, set peak compound, use curve color, report, copy and delete peaks


  • Analyze again and save your results automatically

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Mnova Gears Peak Report?

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical industries, research, and QC environments
  • Process chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical compound libraries
  • Suitable for individual users, research groups as well as large institutions and companies