Mnova Gears – Verify

Verification analysis in automation mode

The Mnova Gears Verify Brick runs using the engine of Mnova Verify plugin in background to integrate your verification analyses to a fully automated workflow.

It quickly and efficiently analyzes data acquired in Real Time or in large Batches and generates automatic reports that will save you huge amounts of time!

Software Solution for Chemical Reaction Optimization

Gears Verify


  • Default layout can be downloaded. 2 documents will be downloaded:
    • one for verify with prediction
    • another one for standard results


  • Title, main result, and test results can be included or not in the Report


  • Font properties can be edited

Select the options  for your HTML report from the following fields:

  • Verification
  • Molecule
  • Spectra
  • Documents

Results can be seen in Mgears Viewer or reported to the document

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Mnova Gears Verify?

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical industries, research, and QC environments
  • Process chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical compound libraries
  • Suitable for individual users, research groups as well as large institutions and companies