Mnova Gears – Chrom Best Method

Mnova Gears - Chrom Best Method

Automated solution for selection of the optimal separation method

Data processing and comparison between different chromatographic methods can quickly form a bottleneck when large amounts of data is generated, particularly when multiple different instruments are involved.

Chrom Best Method is a vendor agnostic tool that can seamlessly screen and compare several chromatographic methods, then suggest the one that is more likely to yield a pure compound. Chrom Best Method automates LC-MS data processing, target and impurity identification, method scoring, and report generation, to provide quick, smart, and robust answers, whilst still allowing for full review and overriding of results to accommodate users’ needs.

Chrom Best Method


  • Effective, vendor-neutral analysis and comparison of your LC-MS data from different instruments in one software package.
  • Seamless evaluation of several methods for many targets in a single run, which accommodates HT experimentation.
  • Meaningful method scores based on your criteria, preferences, and operational requirements.
  • Substantial reduction in the time spent on manual analysis and creation of reports.
  • Effective result visualization and interpretation, enabling quick and confident decision making.

Chrom Best Method: Installation

product_icon_download 1. Download

Download the latest version of Mnova Gears – Chrom Best Method

product_icon_download 2. Download 

Download the patch for Mnova Gears to ensure compatibility with Mgears 2.5

product_icon_install 3. Drag&Drop

Drag and drop these two files in Mnova. Follow instructions to complete the installation.


Chrom Best Method


Chrom Best Method
  • Automated data preparation, analysis, and reporting of results
  • Comprehensive method scoring that generates meaningful results
  • Powerful target peak assignment options and detection of impurities
  • Multiple ways to provide target information (using a structure, dataset file name, mapping file, or parameters)
  • Flexible ion matching and analysis options that fit multiple-use cases
  • Optimized algorithm for chiral screening
  • Possibility to screen methods on different targets in a single run
  • Manual review by exception of scoring and ability to override results

More Automation

Purification Workflow

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Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Chrom Best Method?

Organic chemists, analysts, QC experts, and researchers using quantitative chromatographic methods for quality control, concentration/purity determination, or monitoring/optimization of reactions in one of the following markets and applications:

  • Pharmaceutical / Drug development industry
  • Food & Beverage industries
  • Personal care and Cosmetics
  • Fine chemical synthesis industries
  • Polymer industries
  • Academic research laboratories
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) offering purification services

  • Compound purification for subsequent use in studies or commercialization
  • Isolation of unknown impurities in finished products, natural products, or in the environment for structural disclosure, study, etc.
  • Chiral separation to remove unwanted enantiomers obtained during organic synthesis