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Streamlining Data Access and Exploration through Seamless Integration

Spectral data is often scattered across diverse file systems and cloud-based repositories and is difficult to access. And, while opening data in Mnova is initially straightforward, the simplicity diminishes when dealing with extensive datasets, affecting the overall user experience.
That’s why we have developed Mnova Hub, a unified data browser that connects to various data providers and allows you to seamlessly retrieve, modify, and store data from within Mnova, offering a centralized platform for exploration and analysis.

Upgrade your experience and connect Mnova to your file systems and Mnova databases.

Experience a streamlined gateway to cloud-based data directly from Mnova, using user-friendly filters for efficient file search and browsing​.



Seamlessly push and pull data from various providers USING OUR UNIQUE DATA BROWSER tool.

Cut out the middleman! FORGET ABOUT MANUALLY  DOWNLOADING DATA; Open and view it directly within Mnova.

DO NOT COMPROMISE SECURITY for easy data browsing; enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’ by effortlessly navigating secure data platforms.

Download Mnova to start using Mnova Hub

Mnova Hub is seamlessly integrated into Mnova and is provided free of charge for connecting to file systems and Mnova databases. There is no need for an additional installer or license.

Connect to your data providers and enjoy effortless data browsing 




  • Easy and safe connection to various data sources, including databases (SQL* and MnDB*), data hubs (ZONTAL*), TopSpin* (as part of the Bruker Chemist Suite) and file systems.
  • Flexible design making the integration of new providers easily achievable.
  • Configurable results display table that adapts to your preferences.
  • Preview of data.
  • Results sorting and filtering using available metadata filters to fine-tune your search.
  • Seamless data browsing and saving.


    *Available with version 1.0

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Mnova Hub?

Anyone using Mnova to view, analyze, report analytical data saved on local or cloud-based systems.

  • Research and analytical laboratories
  • QC laboratories
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and beverage, industries, etc.