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Did you know that you can develop your own Mnova scripts to allow you to automate many workflows that you or your users may be repeating frequently?

Please let us know if you can think of any scripting idea which could benefit your organization.



Whatever you need to do with analytical data (process, analyse, store, etc.) one of our highly experienced, expert consultants can work with you to help you design the optimal solution which your organisation will most benefit from.

Let us know of your idea, and we can work with you to turn an idea into a clearly defined, detailed specification and, eventually, a software solution.



Our team can help your user community get the most out of Mnova, by providing from relatively simple to extremely advanced training.

Training can be online or onsite, generic or specifically tailored to your own workflows. Contact us to discuss your training needs and find out more.



We have built specific solutions for many customers, such as UCB Pharma, Merck Inc., BASF, etc. Our team will not only help you design the solution, but also build it for you by developing the code needed to make your solution work in the Mnova environment.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help you.

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Automating data delivery and databasing – Case Study

A top Pharma Company with 200 discovery and development chemists and Circa 100,000 sample per annum (Third party ELNs:Biovia, IDBS) with an In-house developed, long standing tool for data delivery to chemists (upkeep – maintenance/bug fixing a challenge), needs simplify access of all chemists to their analytical data, review of the data and re-storage and to enhance the use of analytical data and avoid work repetition through lack of awareness or visibility of previous work. Read More