Upgrade to Mnova Full Version

Mnova NMR ChemDraw Edition is an entry version to Mnova NMR. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to Mnova NMR full version in order to enjoy all features and save time.

Viewing spectra with standard visualization tools

 The following list shows you a number of tools included in Mnova ChemDraw Edition as well as the ones are available for 30 days or only included in Mnova full version

General features

Ribbon interface
1D NMR processing and analysis
2D NMR  (spectra will not even open)

NMR Visualization tools

Main visualization tools
Overlaid Spectra mode

NMR Processing Capabilities (Basic processing options are included)


(Only exponential, gaussian and first point multiplications)

Zero Filling
Linear Prediction
Phase correction: Region Analysis algorithm only  

(no other algorithms offered by Mnova full version)

Auto Baseline correction: Bernstein algorithm only

(no other algorithms offered by Mnova full version)

Paste the Parameters Table on the spectral window
Apply any options read from the metadata (spectrometer files)
Processing template
Line fitting
Signal suppression
Smoothing algorithm
Resolution booster
Group delay
FID Shift

NMR Analysis Capabilities (Basic analysis options are included)

Standard reference only

(no other options offered by Mnova full version)

Standard peak picking  

(Intelligent Peak Picking to automatically detect impurities, solvents or artifacts is not available)

Standard manual integration and Automatic Integration
Multiplet analysis

(only with license)

1D-NMR Predictions

(only with license)

Stacking spectra mode
Atom to peak assignments
Scripting tools
Principal components Analysis (PCA)
Data Analysis for reaction monitoring and kinetics
Global Spectral Deconvolution (GSD)
Spin simulation
Bayesian DOSY Transform
Arithmetic operations with ‘fid’s’ or processed spectra

MS Capabilities

MS browser tool
Predict MS Fragmentation
Stacking of MS spectra or chromatograms
Displaying more than one chromatogram at the time
Molecular Match
Elemental Composition
Calculate Peak Purity
Edit Peak Picking
Reporting or copying of tables

(only with license)


File formats supported
Operating Systems supported
Mnova shortcuts
Undo/Redo mechanism
Multipage software which incorporates a page navigator
Spectral properties tool   
Graphics and Annotations
Compression of data sets when saving
3D Molecular viewer
Edit structures within Mnova
Scripting capabilities
Layout templates