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This is a major release that fixes several bugs and incorporates many new features. Due to the high number of features implemented we have prepared this PDF document that you can download to read the complete description.

View changelog per plugin below

Mnova NMR

New features

  • Support non-linear sampling spectra (NUS)
  • PCA Analysis
  • Reference Deconvolution
  • AutoAssignments with no NMRPredict license. Also read Carlos article at “Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry”
  • Capability to import spectral data from literature to synthesize a virtual spectra.
  • Doubly Covariance NMR Spectroscopy
  • Refactoring of the Spin Simulation Table
  • Enhancements in the Absolute Reference tool
  • Assignments to unknown compounds
  • Ability to add new properties in the table of compounds
  • Capability to use a Layout template by default.
  • Several improvements regarded to memory handling have been implemented
  • New Script for Smart Reporting
  • GSD binning

Mnova NMRPredict

New Features

  • Get 13C assignments when running Auto Assignments
  • Capability to import external prediction databases into Mnova
  • Capability to send all the assignments of the molecules opened in Mnova to the prediction DB
  • Improvements in prediction of CH2 prediction (diastereoisomerism)
  • 11B NMR Prediction
  • Spin Simulation panel is automatically populated with Predicted values
  • Calculation of 4J and 5J couplings
  • Script to get molecule and its predicted 1H and 13C spectra in one page

Mnova MS

New Features

  • Simulate mass spectra with different losses and adducts
  • Capability to generate a layout with UV, TIC, MS spectrum and report table
  • Capability to customize the display of LC/MS when it is loaded
  • Capability to parse parameters
  • Ability to run Elemental Composition from a mass provided by the user
  • Baseline Correction of Optical traces

Mnova Verify

New Features

  • 13C NMR Verification
  • Refactoring of the Verify Results panel

Mnova qNMR

New features

Repeat the same purity analysis for multiple sample replicates

Mnova GUI

New Features

  • Manage Custom Interfaces
  • Capability to customize menu bars
  • Improvements in the drawing tool
  • Capability to save and load Preferences of Mnova
  • Capability to load molecules in SMILES and INCHI formats (with OpenBabel installed)

Last modified: June 3, 2014 by Olalla Lema