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Different types of searchSearch modes:

  • Molecular structure or substructure: Select a molecular structure (or substructure) and search the records on the DB.
  • Peak or peak region: If you run a search, Mnova will only take into account the selected region of the spectrum.
  • Multiplets

If for instance you have a 1D NMR spectrum, you can search for the few peaks you are interested in. You can also find any other spectra in the DB which have the same or similar peaks to the ones you are searching.

Once you find this spectrum, you can immediately find the structure and all other analytical data associated to it. All of this without leaving the Mnova GUI (Graphical User Interface).

View modes:

Mnova DB: Record ViewOnce you have searched the database you can browse your results using different views. You can also go to the record you have selected and edit it in Mnova

  • Record View
  • Table View
  • Tile View
  • Html View
  • Form View
  • Well Plate View

Last modified: November 14, 2016 by Enrique Sánchez