Automation of LC/GC-MS data workflows with Mnova Gears

Automation of data workflows with Mnova Gears

A unique software suite for all your LC/GC-MS-based analyses

LC/GC-MS applications are highly popular for automation of data workflows, indeed essential for the daily activities in the majority of analytical laboratories, ranging in use from R&D, to manufacturing, to quality control. These techniques produce large volumes of analytical data that often require significant time and effort to manually process and interpret.

Mnova offers a whole range of solutions to support multiple LC/GC-MS analyses and streamline end-to-end workflows that require minimal human intervention, enable quick decision making, and promote operational agility.

 Six Reasons to Embrace Mnova Gears for your LC/GC-MS data

Automation of data workflows with Mnova Gears - sIX REASONS FOR USING IT

|   Reactions, reactions, reactions – data automation to the rescue

In this application note, our colleague Gary Sharman explains how Mnova’s automated solution enables scientists to save valuable time in their reaction optimization processes to swiftly proceed to other tasks and maximize productivity.

Automated software solution to enable quick and confident decisions on optimal chemical reaction conditions!

Automated evaluation and generation of calibration curves for many compounds at the same time!

MS Scan processes total ion current (TIC) data and extracts mass spectra for the time ranges of your choice!

An automated solution for the QC of reactions used to generate DNA Encoded Libraries for drug discovery! (Available for Mnova Gears only)

Automated workflow for high throughput quality control using LC/GC-MS

Automated solution for affinity selection mass spectrometry data processing, interpretation, and hit identification

Automated evaluation of collected elution fractions for decision making

Automated solution for selection of the optimal separation method

Quick determination of LogP/LogD values out of high-throughput LC-MS data

Tool that supports system suitability testing to monitor the performance of LC/GC-MS instruments in your lab

Quick determination of compound solubility out of high-throughput LC-MS data


Intuitive 5-Step workflow!

  • INPUTSelect & group data
  • PROCESSINGCustom processing
  • ANALYSISApply bricks
  • REPORTINGFormat report
  • OUTPUTSave results

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