Leveraging the power of automated analysis: let your ideas flow

Experts working with chemistry – from small molecules right up to macromolecules and from pure compounds through to complex mixtures – know that the analytical data acquired by the instruments is empty and meaningless without analysis and interpretation. It takes education, and then expertise developed over many years, to piece together all the clues from the analysis and interpret the data to really make it meaningful. However, with the growth in popularity of high throughput analyses as well as [...]

2021 Customer Satisfaction Poll – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In this year’s customer satisfaction poll you rated our software 9.0 out of 10 in Net Promoter Score (NPS). Accordingly, we’d like to say a big thank you to all participants and also to thank you for your very constructive feedback. We are looking at your fresh ideas and already working to bring them to you in our upcoming software releases! One of the most interesting things is the ability to access files from most of the NMR machines.I’ve been using your products [...]

Mestrelab Exclusive Virtual Event

Electronic data in the modern laboratory   Electronic data is the lifeblood of modern laboratories. Clearly, we need to extract information, answers, and knowledge from that data, but that is just a small part of the overall picture. Join our event to learn how data from many different instruments in different formats can be consumed by end users, not silo’d. How do we ensure results are valid and can be reproduced, or other information can be extracted from it? How do we interface [...]

Program Rules

Mnova for ALL: Are you a sponsor or a candidate?   These are the main program rules you should follow to participate in this initiative! Program Rules Mestrelab Research SL will match the Mnova Suite Combo (Mnova NMR, NMR Predict, MS and ElViS)from the sponsor by supplying the same license package to the sponsorship candidate. For example, if a sponsor purchases a campus license for up to 150 users, the sponsorship candidate will also receive a campus license for up to 150 users on the same date. In [...]

Valentine’s Day Promo!

Do you love your data ? Give your data the gift it deserves this Valentine’s Day   We would like to offer you this special 20% promotional discount on Mnova MyData and Mnova MyGears! If you are currently using Mnova software, you can become even more efficient handling your analytical data and automating your analytical workflows very easily! READ MYDATA APP NOTEBOOK YOUR DISCOUNT !READ MYGEARS APP NOTE Book your discount now to receive your promotion code. You can request your promotion code until March [...]

2020 Customer Satisfaction Poll – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In our recent customer satisfaction poll, you rated our software 9.0 out of 10 in Net Promoter Score (NPS). A big thank you to all participants and your very constructive feedback.  We are looking at your fresh ideas and already working to bring them to you! Mnova has everything I need! My colleagues and I are happy to be more involved in beta or even alpha testing of new plugins or products Clear and simple operation interface! It is a good system, it is [...]

A successful collaboration with Novartis on automated analysis of ligand-observed 1H-19F NMR binding data for fragment based lead generation

Several groups in Novartis use NMR binding assays to find and validate hits during the early stages of drug discovery. They use ligand-observed NMR experiments such as STD, T1ρ, and CPMG to identify library compounds that interact with a target protein. Until a few years ago, the analysis of a high number of complex spectra was performed largely manually and therefore represented a limiting step in hit generation campaigns.