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MESTRELAB RESEARCH partners with other leading chemistry software companies to provide the best quality service

In order to be successful, any company needs to rely on some partners. We apply a first-in-class focus to partner with developers, researchers and resellers across the world.

Here you will find a list of people and companies we collaborate with and are integrating our products with.

This is a private area for partners. Please get in touch with us for a password.



SciY is a vendor agnostic software brand that offers a wide range of scientific software solutions throughout the entire life sciences value chain. SciY is a concept born from collaborations with various vendor agnostic software partners, such as Mestrelab, Arxspan, Optimal Industrial Technologies, Optimal Industrial Automation and ZONTAL.

Bruker is enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker and Mestrelab Announced Strategic Collaboration and Partnership for Chemistry and Pharma Software Applications in December 2018.

Arxspan’s Electronic Lab Notebook is a fully integrated cloud platform for scientific data management that combines chemistry and biology data in one system. It is perfectly designed to enhance collaborative research across internal teams & external partners.

Zontal, offers the leading analytical data hub for the life science industry. Zontal and Mestrelab announced a platforms collaboration for advanced analytical data management and analysis.

eMOLECULES is the new, free chemistry search engine, which allows chemists to search for structures or substructures, in a high quality database with more than 6 million unique structures.

Porta Nova Software GmbH is a Swiss Company that has partnered with us developing Mnova DB, our spectral Database.

S4SD (Software for Science Developments) They are particularly specialized in molecular binding, aggregation and dissociation processes.

SerenaSoft, Connecticut, that partners with us developing a system for the 3D optimization of plain molecular structures.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, manufactures the Thermo Scientific picoSpin line of benchtop NMR spectrometers and related technology.

Nanalysis produces compact 60 MHz NMR spectrometers for chemists working on the benchtop.

Nucleomatica is an Italian company run by Giuseppe Balacco. Nucleomatica has partnered with us in the development of processing algorithms.

Oxford Instruments is a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for research and industry.

We have developed Mnova MS by partnering with Sierra Analytics, Inc; a Californian company specialized in mass spectrometry software products.

Magritek is a scientific instrument company based in Wellington, New Zealand, and Aachen, Germany, that was established in 2004 and specializes in compact, portable and benchtop NMR and MRI products.

Modgraph Consultants Ltd is a software house specializing in the development of corporate Registration Systems and NMR prediction software. Developed the NMRPredict Desktop module integrated in Mnova, as well as NMRPredict Servers.

Universities and Research Groups

universidad santiago

The University of Santiago de Compostela is our alma mater, and we actively collaborate with its departments of Magnetic Resonance, Organic Chemistry on several projects.

universidad vigo

University of Vigo with whom we collaborate in a commercial system for the prediction of NMR parameters starting from 3D molecular structures as well as our ELN, Mbook.

university of bristol

Bristol University (Craig Butts) we are actively collaborating with them in the development of a new system for 3D structure elucidation fron NMR data.


University of California Irvine which partners with us developing algorithms for processing NMR data.

universitat wien

Viena University (Wolfgan Robien) which partners with us in NMR prediction.

University of zurich

ETH Zurich University (Erno Pretsch and Pius Portmand Robien) which partners with us in NMR prediction.

University of liverpool

Liverpool University (Ray Abraham) Modelization system to provide theoretical NMR data from molecular structures.