Mnova Gears | Real-Time & Batch processes

Automation workflows for all your analytical data processes

A software suite to build automation workflows for your analytical data, including NMR, MS and others. Using Mnova features and advanced plugins as the starting bricks, you can replicate Standard Operating Procedures or those boring, repetitive tasks we humans hate so much!

Until now our team has used Mnova Gears to create custom-tailored automation workflows in the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to hearing about your own ones. Find below a few examples of where it can be beneficial, to get your ideas flowing!

What’s new in Mnova Gears 2.4?

Mnova Gears 2.4 has been released with Mnova 14.3, and has brought significant improvements that enhance user experience and broaden the customization possibilities!

  • Advanced options for providing multiple input structures in SDF files.
  • Refined grouping and handling of input files to support new and complex analyses.
  • Automatic and Real time results loading in the viewer.
  • Human readable nicknames for the results folders.
  • More flexibility to better integrate with 3rd party solutions (Arxspan ELNs, TopSpin)
  • New analysis plugins for high throughput applications.

Increase your efficiency using automated analysis workflows!

Upgrade to MGears 2.4!

Enjoy these features and check our newest Mgears plugins to get a clearer idea on how YOU can get the best of automation!

Mnova Gears products and how they relate to one another!

Mnova Gears

  • Automation of multiple sample analysis
  • Batch and real time mode to generate documents for analysis

Mnova MyGears

  • Automation of single sample analysis
  • Automation workflows on an open Mnova document

Mnova Gears Bricks

  • Build automation workflows using the following Gears bricks


Intuitive 5-Step workflow!

  • INPUTSelect & group data
  • PROCESSINGCustom processing
  • ANALYSISApply bricks
  • REPORTINGFormat report
  • OUTPUTSave results

Mnova Gears


  • New generation of automated solutions that give you full control over processing, analysis, reporting, and databasing
  • Faster product support and development, with all your automation analysis in one single software suite with all your automation analyses
  • The power of Mnova tools for processing, analyzing and reporting results for NMR, MS, Chromatography, IR, and UV data
  • Provides a number of integration points for scripting, allowing highly specific customisations and integrations to other systems
  • Real-Time databasing of experiment results
  • Save specialist time by automating routine processes and workflows
  • Accepts multiple inputs from Disk, Database, or from Real time acquisition, and supports formats from different vendors
  • Produces several types of outputs, from complex pdf reports to a simple Pass/Fail answer

Mnova Gears


Free your time for some true NMR analysis by letting Mnova do the work in the background. You can choose to use the ‘Advised processing’, create processing templates or you can ask our help to implement ad hoc processing (customized).

Would you not prefer a machine to do some of these for you?

  • Baseline correction
  • Apodization
  • Zero filling
  • Phase Correction
  • Referencing

  • Customizable: Every step of workflow automation can be adapted to your specific needs, whether processing settings, advanced analysis algorithmia or the design of your reports
  • Scalable: The number of bricks (plugins) you can use is not limited, you can start with easy workflows and keep building towards complexity
  • Example workflows: We make it easy by loading some plugins with pre-sets. You can use them as such, or adapt them to better suit your own work

Need to import your multiplet reports as csv? Got it!

Say your team has decided to follow a new data standard. You can specify the requirements in the standard in your output options, so all new data will be archived correctly. You could also create a workflow to automatically save your historic data to the new standard, harmonizing your formats across years and sites.

Mestrelab is always keen to add new import/export formats to its existing coverage, so do contact our support team if you have a specific request.

Experience how easy it is to visualize and review results in Mnova with the Mgears Results.

Unconvinced by the results? You can change analysis settings and relaunch analysis on a selected dataset or on the whole dataset for a quick recalculation of the results!

Academic, Government & Industrial



  • Quality Control (NMR, Mass Spectrometry, etc)
  • Natural Product Dereplication by NMR
  • Reaction Monitoring by NMR
  • Quantitative NMR
  • Targeted mixtures analysis by NMR
  • Multi-technique reporting
  • Protein-ligand Interaction
  • Product ID confirmation
  • Structure verification
  • DNA Profiling by LCMS
  • Ligand-based drug screenings
  • Reaction Optimization (HTE)
  • Detemermination of solubility, lipophilicity
  • System Suitablility testing (NMR, LCMS)
  • Coumpound separation and purification workflows