Mnova Gears | Real-Time & Batch processes

Automation Workflows for All Your Analytical Data Processes

Are you tired of the monotony of routine data processing? Mnova Gears (also known as Mgears) is here to free up your time for innovation and more engaging tasks. This comprehensive software suite, designed for building automation workflows, caters to your analytical data needs, spanning NMR, LC/GC-MS, and more. Simply set your analysis samples and SOPs, launch the process, and let Mnova Gears handle the rest. From data retrieval to processing and analysis, Mnova Gears effortlessly applies the methods and formulas you provide, presenting the results in comprehensive reports.

Experience the flexibility, seamless integration with your existing architecture, and the customizable nature of Mnova Gears. Like Mnova, it remains vendor-neutral, adapting to your unique requirements. Elevate your analytical data processes—automate with Mnova Gears!

What’s new in Mnova Gears 2.5?

Mnova Gears 2.5 has been released with Mnova 15 introducing a range of new capabilities:

  • New file copy option that copies the input files to the output folder without the need to open, process, or analyze them.
  • Ability to add chromatogram blind regions.
  • Improved data selection and auto-detection.
  • Capability to manage input data organized in multiple subfolders and generate sorted reports for each subfolder.
  • Heat map data visualization.
  • And other improvements that you can check in the complete changelog.

Upgrade to Mgears 2.5 now to explore these features and to unlock the full potential of data automation.

Also be sure you check our newest Mgears brick designed for Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry analyses.

Increase your efficiency using automated analysis workflows!

Mnova Gears products and how they relate to one another!

Mnova Gears

  • Automation of multiple sample analysis
  • Batch and real time mode to generate documents for analysis

Mnova MyGears

  • Automation of single sample analysis
  • Automation workflows on an open Mnova document

Mnova Gears Bricks

  • Build automation workflows using the following Gears bricks


Intuitive 5-Step workflow!

  • INPUTSelect & group data
  • PROCESSINGCustom processing
  • ANALYSISApply bricks
  • REPORTINGFormat report
  • OUTPUTSave results

Mnova Gears


  • Automate routine processes and workflows, saving valuable specialist time.
  • Create and manage end-to-end workflows seamlessly within a single tool.
  • Streamline multiple analytical workflows on a common, user-friendly platform.
  • Customize workflows by selecting components tailored to specific needs.
  • Enjoy flexibility and configurability, allowing seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with different systems in a unified environment due to vendor independence.
  • Leverage the familiarity with the Mnova interface to deploy and adopt automation solutions by your team without an extensive learning curve.
  • Benefit from expedited product support and development, consolidating all your automation analyses in one software suite.

Mnova Gears


  • A user-friendly platform equipped with all essential controls for customizing data processes, covering input data, processing and analysis methods, design, and output generation.
  • A wide array of default features and options is available to maximize adaptation to customer needs.
  • Acceptance of templates and scripts for further customization; you can even construct your own automation bricks using scripting.
  • Details of your customization are stored in a settings file, easily shareable and importable.
  • Diverse output formats, including CSV, PDF, HTML, JSON, and Mnova formats.
  • Seamless adaptation to data organization standards by specifying requirements for correct data archiving (in a folder, database, ELN, etc.).
  • Easy workflows to automatically update historic data to new standards, ensuring consistency across years and sites.
  • Continuous support and updates: Contact the support team for specific import/export format requests.
  • Effortless exploration of results with the Mgears Results Viewer, featuring graphical dashboards.
  • At-a-glance and by-exception reviews for quick and effective data analysis.
  • Smooth navigation through sample lists or well plates, facilitating the review of data and analyzed spectra.
  • Identification of samples not meeting specifications using graphics and warning flags, saving time on extensive scrutiny.
  • Swift recalculations and result updates.
  • Multiple techniques supported: NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, Chromatography, etc.
  • Mnova Gears has already proven its prowess with a broad range of applications spanning from discovery, R&D, to manufacturing and quality control.
  • Available applications include structure verification, purity determination, mixture analysis, chemical reaction optimization, and affinity selection mass spectrometry analysis. Explore the full list of applications for comprehensive coverage.

Academic, Government & Industrial



  • Quality Control (NMR, Mass Spectrometry, etc)
  • Natural Product Dereplication by NMR
  • Reaction Monitoring by NMR
  • Quantitative NMR
  • Targeted mixtures analysis by NMR
  • Multi-technique reporting
  • Protein-ligand Interaction
  • Product ID confirmation
  • Structure verification
  • DNA Profiling by LCMS
  • Ligand-based drug screenings
  • Reaction Optimization (HTE)
  • Determination of solubility, lipophilicity
  • System Suitability testing (NMR, LCMS)
  • Compound separation and purification workflows