And more in the pipeline…

Mnova Gears has been developed, and will continue to evolve, in response to the needs of our customers. As a result, the family of Mnova Gears bricks keeps on growing to cover new applications and support the latest trends in the R&D and manufacturing industries, including high-throughput techniques and real-time production and quality control.

Solutions for separation/purification workflows, determination of physicochemical properties, affinity selection mass spectrometry screenings, etc., are all in the pipeline, trials of which can be provided as Beta versions upon request.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our Gears bricks portfolio, press the contact button below and let’s connect! We’re always happy to hear about your own workflows and needs, and will do our best to assist you in your specific data automation processes.

And more in the pipeline

LC/GC-MS applications

Automated evaluation of fractions collected with preparative chromatography to enable agile decision making

Automatic scoring tool for selection of chromatographic methods with optimal separation conditions

Automated quality control workflow for compound identity assertion and purity assessment

Quick determination of LogP/LogD values out of high-throughput LC-MS data

Quick determination of compound solubility out of high-throughput LC-MS data

Automated solution for affinity selection mass spectrometry data processing, interpretation, and hit identification

Tool that supports system suitability testing to monitor the performance of LC/GC-MS instruments in your lab

Intuitive 5-Step workflow!

  • INPUTSelect & group data
  • PROCESSINGCustom processing
  • ANALYSISApply bricks
  • REPORTINGFormat report
  • OUTPUTSave results

Academic, Government & Industrial



  • Quality Control (NMR, Mass Spectrometry, etc)
  • Natural Product Dereplication by NMR
  • Reaction Monitoring by NMR
  • Quantitative NMR
  • Targeted mixtures analysis by NMR
  • Multi-technique reporting
  • Protein-ligand Interaction
  • Product ID confirmation
  • Structure verification
  • DNA Profiling by LCMS
  • Ligand-based drug screenings
  • Reaction Optimization (HTE)
  • Detemermination of solubility, lipophilicity
  • System Suitablility testing (NMR, LCMS)
  • Coumpound separation and purification workflows