Meet our new team member Haris Panagos

Dr. Haris Panagos

Business Developer (EMEA)

Hello to everyone!

I joined Mestrelab at the start of September 2022. I am an analytical biochemist with more than 10 years’ experience in academia and industry, having worked in Europe, the US, and Latin America. The scientific fields closer to my heart include metabolomics, protein-ligand interactions, and understanding chemical reactions. Having used Mnova software throughout my career, my goal is to help chemists and biologists to find efficient and straightforward digital solutions to the scientific problems they face on a daily basis. Finally, I am fascinated with automation, the creation of a paperless, digital working environment, and the transition to industry 4.0.

Being based in picturesque Switzerland, I am mainly involved in projects across Europe, but also have some global involvement as science knows no borders. I look forward to discussing how Mnova can help find solutions to your problems.