2021 Fall Allotrope Connect

2021 Fall Allotrope Connect



Allotrope, the silent enabler of deep integration between Mnova and ZONTAL”

Our colleague Dr. Gary Sharman will co-present a talk together with Dr Wolfgang Colsman, CEO Zontal at the Allotrope Connect Workshop (Webinars) September 15th. Read more about Allotrope Connect Virtual Meetings

Dr. Gary Sharman (Mestrelab)
Dr. Wolfgang Colsman (CEO ZONTAL)

Wednesday, Sept 15th

10:00am-12:00pm (EDT)


Deep integrations between data captured from experiments, data storage systems, and data analytics tools enable scientists to rapidly explore research results. In the past, such integrations often relied on “human ETL”, which means scientists needed to enter meta data into search fields, manually downloaded files, and moved between systems before they could find and visualize them. Now, Mestrelab and ZONTAL have built a deep integration between the Mnova and ZONTAL Space systems to make this process seamless. At the heart of the solution are Allotrope Ontologies and the Allotrope Data Format that act as silent enablers. Mnova can export raw data and experiment information to ZONTAL through Mnova graphical user interface and ZONTAL creates automatically an ADF file to long-term preserve the information. An interactive search widget within Mnova lets the scientist search data stored in the ZONTAL system, without the need to directly interact with ZONTAL.

This presentation demonstrates the future of the integrated lab and highlights Allotrope as an enabling technology for deep integration of applications. This provides scientists with unprecedented abilities to query data and to rapidly create high value analysis.


Dr. Gary Sharman

Senior Scientific Software
Mestrelab Research

Dr. Gary Sharman joins Mestrelab after more than 20 years working in the Pharma industry, most recently for Eli Lilly where he spent 15 years in discovery chemistry at the Erl Wood site in the UK, He worked within the analytical chemistry group, specialising in NMR spectroscopy and the processing and management of data. Prior to that he worked in the NMR group at AstraZeneca, within the development chemistry group at Macclesfield UK. Gary studied for a PhD entitled “structure elucidation and molecular recognition in Secondary metabolites” with Professor Dudley Williams at the University of Cambridge, where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences. Gary also spent a year in Japan teaching English and outside work he enjoys playing music and spending time outdoors.