WEBINAR SERIES 2017 – Dr. Mark Dixon

WEBINAR SERIES 2017 - Dr. Mark Dixon



“Mbook 2.0: An ELN for chemists, designed by chemists”

The last webinar of our 2017 Webinar Series will be given by our colleague Dr. Mark Dixon (Mestrelab Research). The aim of this webinar will be to describe the new features in the second version of our Electronic Laboratory Notebook, Mbook 2.0, released in the summer.

Registration for this webinar is now open.

Dr. Mark Dixon

Wednesday, December 13

11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)


This webinar will describe our web-based application (private or cloud) that makes it as easy as possible to enter details of your lab work, categorized into projects, reactions, and experiments. Are you an organic chemist using NMR and LC/MS data to make important decisions on a daily basis? Would you like to store your spectral data with your experimental details in an ELN? Then Mestrelab’s Mbook is for you!

Paste chemical structures from other popular drawing programs, or construct them using Mbook’s own comprehensive drawing tool. Import relevant NMR and/or LC/GC/MS data and attach them to any experiment, along with safety sheets, bibliographic articles, and other images, e.g. a photo of a TLC plate. Inspect the pre-processed and pre-analyzed data within Mbook itself, with an option to verify the chemical structure with a single click.  Report the experiment in an easy-to-read PDF format, including all of the spectral data and associated documents, also with a single click.

If required, all spectral data can be transferred over to Mnova for more extensive analysis.  Mbook can also track chemical inventory, to make sure essential reagents and compounds are always in stock when needed.  A built-in messaging system can be used if changes need to be made and authorization is required.


Dr. Mark Dixon

Senior Account Manager & Business Development, USA & Canada at Mestrelab Research

After growing up in Manchester, England, Mark spent seven joyous years at Nottingham University playing drums and generally having a good time, while occasionally studying chemistry before graduating with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.

Mark cut his teeth in Pharmaceutical R&D as an NMR Spectroscopy specialist at Fisons, then Astra, which finally morphed into AstraZeneca, all while sitting at the same desk.

A fascination with the science of NMR eventually got the better of Mark, and so began an ongoing adventure to California, firstly with Varian in Palo Alto working with the Applications team, followed by a move to Marketing in the role of Software Product Manager. After the sad demise of Varian, Mark discovered the unpredictable frontier of benchtop NMR spectroscopy as Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s picoSpin NMR spectrometer, before starting at Mestrelab Research in late 2016.