Mnova Gears – DB Search

Automated Search for NMR Peaks and Multiplets in your DB

The Mnova Gears DB Search plugin is an excellent solution for identifying compound structures that have already been analyzed and saved to a database.

It can handle batch or Real time data and search one or more databases at a time to identify exact or potentially similar structures to your compounds and generate reports.

Gears DB Search


  • DB search can screen newly acquired input against databases of known compounds and detect similar peaks, multiplets, or spectra profile


  • You can choose the search mode best adapted to your analysis requirements and identify exact structures that have already been analyzed and saved, or potential similar structures (with a similar 1H and 13C spectra) that can be used as a reference.
  • DB search generates automatic reports in Mnova, PDF, CSV, and HTML formats.


  • Potential matches and similar structures that could be used as references are scored and included in the report


  • It is possible to include a hit table to your report and visualize your hits and query spectra as a stack

Academic, Government & Industrial


Who should be using Mnova Gears DB Search?

  • Natural product research groups
  • Structure elucidation specialists in Pharma
  • Drug enforce agency and forensic chemists