Mnova Structure Elucidation

Simple and robust way to elucidate your structures by NMR

We have just implemented a Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation (CASE) system, which will take you from NMR data to structure through a simple to use and learn workflow.

Mnova Structure Elucidation: 45-day FREE trial

product_icon_download 1. Download

Download Mnova for a suitable Operating System (below). No extra installer is required.

product_icon_install 2. Installation

Open Mnova and go to ‘Help/Get-Install Licenses’. Select ‘Evaluate’.

product_icon_license 3. License

Fill in the form to receive your trial license via e-mail.

Structure Elucidation


  • Intuitive and easy to use software program with a well defined steps workflow
  • High quality processing, analysis and presentation of spectra (deconvolution, peak picking, integration, multiplet analysis, etc.) running Mnova powerful engine in the background.
  • Facilitates the inference of the molecular structures on the screen, instead of on the paper. It speeds up the elucidation workflow.
  • Makes structure elucidation available to non-experts users.
  • Combines latest advances in 1D and 2D NMR peak picking strategies (GSD deconvolution, filtering, smoothing).
  • New approaches to constraint generation and handling.



Step 1

Input molecular formula and NMR data using the data browser.

Step 2

Data parsing, visualization and processing based on Mnova NMR functionality.

Step 3

Interact with connectivities graphically and on Spectral Data table.

Step 4

Fast and interactive peak picking is translated to connectivities.

Step 5

Generate potential structures (COCON structure generator).

Step 6

Rank potential structures using 13C chemical shift predictions.

Academic, Government & Industrial


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical and food industries

  • Academia research and development groups

  • Quality and product safety control

  • New product development

  • Consumer protection