4th VIRTUAL Edelris Symposium

4th VIRTUAL Edelris Symposium


May/15/2024 - May/16/2024

Join the 4th virtual symposium on High Throughput Technology for Hit Generation! 

Mestrelab is proud to sponsor the 4th Edelris Virtual Symposium on Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery.

Join the Mestrelab talk, “An Affinity for Automation” given by our colleague Marcel Lachenmann, Senior Applications Scientist, on Wednesday, May 15, at 16:50 (CEST)

We look forward to this event and the valuable insights it will provide to researchers and professionals involved in drug discovery and development. Exciting news—registration is free!


May 15-16, 2024


EDELRIS symposium_

Discover How Affinity Screen Can Enhance Your Workflow and Boost Efficiency


  1.  Streamlined Process: Affinity Screen automates every step from data pickup to processing, reporting, and archiving, reducing complexity and minimizing manual input.
  2. Efficient Hit Identification: Seamless review and confirmation of potential hits without sifting through irrelevant data saves time and effort.
  3. Customizable and Adaptable: Affinity Screen supports the implementation of user’s own methods or laboratory’s SOPs, providing flexibility and customization options.
  4. Accelerated Discovery: By removing the bottleneck of data processing and analysis, Affinity Screen speeds up the discovery of new hits. It can screen up to 11,000 compounds per plate in a single click, with the ability to scale up for more plates in a single run.
  5. Versatile Integration: Affinity Screen fits perfectly in a drug discovery environment, complementing other LC-MS analyses such as quantification and determination of physicochemical properties of hit molecules.